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As Nature Intended

Try the highest quality, health-giving
products nature has to offer

At Rosita Real FoodsTM we are dedicated to sourcing and providing the highest-quality handcrafted products, produced in harmony with nature.

Our ingredients are a sustainable and natural source of pure fresh, wild and raw nutrients that boost your health and consciousness. Our goal is to provide you with products containing the closest possible freshness and nutrients as would be found in a natural wild environment.

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Whatever health goal your family is trying to reach, our full range of fresh, raw and unprocessed products are here to serve your whole family’s health.

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Through the high level of care, passion and careful attention to detail that goes into producing the highest-quality wild products with an exceptionally rich and unique nutrient profile – we are dedicated to contributing to a healthier tomorrow.

The Rosita Way

Rosita is the only company that offers truly fresh,
unprocessed and raw cod liver oil. Learn more about what
goes into providing you with the very best nature has to offer.

Our Process

The highest quality, health-giving
products nature has to offer

As nature Intended
Independently Tested

Proven to be pure and nutrient rich

Rosita fish oil is unprocessed and pure, which means it retains all of its precious, naturally-occurring nutrients and it meets strict European standards for safety. Rosita's process uses a heat-free and chemical-free method to purify the fish oil.

It's important to trust what you're consuming is not laden with additives and heavy metals. Every batch of our fish liver oils are 3rd-party tested in a microbiological laboratory and certified to meet strict European standards for potency and purity.

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Rosita provides handcrafted products to a global population in order
to help boost people's health. Find your closest online shop using the
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In order to help people thrive, we need to support and contribute to
the success of others. This is the energy that flows through everything
we do and guides the content that we produce in order to help people
become better, healthier and more aware.

Our Commitment To Sustainability

June 08, 2021



At Rosita, our ethos is to work with nature to create the highest quality, most sustainable fish liver oils available. From the line fishing of codfish in the pristine Norwegian fjords where we live, to the harvesting of the livers, to the extraction of the oil, every step of our method is sustainable and ethical. This type of cod liver oil is nearly impossible to achieve with the standard, mass-production methods used by major brands, where heavy refining strips the oils of most of their nutrients...

At Rosita we care passionately about
people and their wellbeing.

The ability to help more and more people live happily and healthy is what
drives us to do what we do. Discover more about achieving optimal health in
body, mind and spirit through our specialist knowledge sharing.


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