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Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil

(EVCLO) Softgel

Rosita Cod Liver Oil Softgels contain the nutrient-rich oil from wild-caught Norwegian cod livers. These are easy to swallow, in a 100% fish gelatin capsule and perfect if you’re sensitive to the fresh fish taste of cod liver oil.

  • From sustainably-caught, wild and raw Norwegian cod
  • Contains rare nutrients and lipids
  • 100% fish gelatin softgel capsule
Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil

(EVCLO) Liquid

Sourced from wild-caught Norwegian cod, Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO) Liquid has been treasured for its high nutritional value ever since the Viking age. Abundant in essential fatty acids and vitamins, it’s as pure as the pristine Norwegian fjords.

  • From sustainably-caught, wild and raw Norwegian cod
  • Contains naturally-occurring vitamins A and D
  • Unprocessed and raw: extracted using ancient principles
Wild Bee Bread

(Pollen Supplement)

Bee Bread is lacto-fermented, hive-stored pollen that’s rich in enzymes and natural nutrients. This wild and raw superfood is made by giant rock bees from the lush, green tropical forests and Himalayan foothills of India.

  • 100% raw and wild bee bread, harvested by honey hunters in India
  • Naturally-fermented paleo food
  • Highly-bioavailable vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes

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