What The Vikings Taught Us

Rosita Real Foods is a trusted source of wild caught, raw fish liver oils, rendered from sustainably harvested fish living in the crystal clear waters of the remote Norwegian Fjords.

Rosita’s goal is to provide you with a genuine extra-virgin cod liver oil (EVCLO) that’s as close to the freshness and nutrient content as you would find in the liver of a living codfish.

Ongoing research is proving that eco-friendly and purification techniques exhibit higher yield and minimum degradation of the nutrients within fish oil, particularly where they are prone to oxidation and often have to be stabilised with synthetic vitamins (1). Rosita Cod Liver Oil is completely unrefined and produced under the total absence of heat, an invaluable process that protects its incredible nutritional value. It has been shown that heat can seriously alter the chemical make up of oils (2). No chemicals, solvents or mechanical devices are ever used during extraction or production of Rosita’s products. Therefore the oils are totally unprocessed and free of hazardous levels of contaminants. They supply the nutrients in the form that Mother Nature intended.

We at Rosita are passionate about quality. Coming from a long line of Norwegian fishermen, we use very traditional methods, including harvesting the fish with our bare hands. Only sustainably wild caught Atlantic cod (Gadus Morhua) from the pristine waters of Northern Norway are used.


An Ancient Norse Viking Tradition

Cod liver oil has been a traditional food supplement or medicine in many parts of the world. The ancient Norse Vikings in particular were consumers of liver oils. In particular, they consumed the liver oil of codfish, Chimaera monstrosa (ratfish) and sharks. Cod liver oil was used for the maintenance of general health, especially during the cold months ending in "r". These months are characterised by low sunlight intensity and an increased risk of hypovitaminosis D (vitamin D deficiency). Such a deficiency can have tragic consequences due to the very important role vitamin D plays in brain, heart, immune system and bone health. During the winter months in the northern climes, people are unlikely to be able to synthesise enough vitamin D via exposure to sunlight alone. Therefore, having a diet that is rich in oily fish, and consuming fish liver oils, would have given the Nordic people a natural supply of this all important vitamin during the winter months. 


Abundant Cod

Norway has more than one hundred years of experience in fisheries management and marine research through the Directorate of Fisheries and the Institute of Marine Research, both established in 1900. In 1946 Norway became the first country in the world to establish a Ministry of Fisheries. Norwegian fisheries have evolved into a highly regulated industry with quotas and licensing requirements. The most important fish stocks migrate between Norwegian and foreign waters and, consequently, good governance requires close cooperation with neighbouring countries. A primary basis for determining fishing quotas is advice and recommendations from the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES).

You will be hard-pressed to find such clean, unprocessed cod liver oil that is as close to receiving the nutrients from eating an actual cod liver. There are numerous studies done on the benefits of taking natural vitamins, instead of synthetic (3). Rosita Cod Liver Oil and their other products are as natural as you can get.

We at Rosita are honoured to provide you with true ancient fish liver oil in today’s modern world, and one that our Norse ancestors would have been proud to consume!

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