Whole Health For The Whole Family

Good health, both yours and that of your loved ones, is the single most important thing in our lives. Realising this early on is one of the most precious pieces of wisdom that we can share.

If you’re here and reading this, then you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you are well on your way to doing the very best for yourself and your family. By providing natural wholefood products, rich in high quality nutrients in their purest form, we hope that we are making one of life’s many important choices that little bit more straightforward.

Whether you’re already a member of the Rosita family, or new to our fresh, wild and raw way of life, we love hearing about your experiences with our products. How you discovered us, how we’ve helped you and your family - and oftentimes how much your children love taking our cod liver oil!

Read on to discover the real, shared experiences of our Rosita-loving family members and share your story with us for a chance to be featured on this page.

Katie Braswell, of Wild + Well, is a Holistic Nutritionist based in Chattanooga, TN. She is passionate about working alongside women throughout her journey through childbirth, especially after her experiences with the birth of her son. Katie’s specific areas of interest are preconception health, fertility, ancestral prenatal nutrition and supplementation, gestational diabetes, breastfeeding and postpartum nutrition/care (focusing on nurturing mama and baby).

Katie believes in meeting her clients where they are in their health journey to regain balance and vibrant health. Katie offers one-on-one nutritional and supplementation consultation packages, custom meal plan and prep consults, as well as, private and group yoga classes. She also just created her first postpartum course, A Holistic Approach to Preparing for Postpartum, which you can learn more about through her website.

Connect with her on Instagram @livewildbewell and through her website www.Livewildbewell.com.

“I was first introduced to Rosita’s after my husband and I experienced a miscarriage when trying to get pregnant with our first baby. I had been a holistic nutritionist for a few years and previous to that, had worked for various brands in the natural foods industry. Through testing, research and studying different supplements / ancestral foods, I made the decision to move my husband and I off of our supplements and move to whole-food based supplements that were wild, raw and more bioavailable for our bodies. We felt an instant change and it made a huge difference in our hormone levels, lifestyle, nutrition, stress, sleep patterns and more!

Since that day, we now take Rositas Cod Liver oil daily and love that they offer both capsules and liquid. My husband, Carson, and I both take the capsules (this has been my go-to in pregnancy too!). Our little one, Colter, loves enjoying cod liver oil in his adrenal cocktail each morning (and he can’t even tell it’s in there!). We like to have him involved in the process, so he even helps us make it!"

Ashley Edith, has been passionate about holistic wellness and healing since 2008 when her wellness journey began that ultimately taught her the value of preconception and menstrual health. She earned two holistic nutrition and lifestyle certifications over a decade ago and found her passion in preconception health through attending numerous health events and then it exploded after having her daughter in 2020. Ashley is bridging ancestral and non-mainstream methods to bring her clients closer to their preconception and menstrual health goals.

She offers, by application only, clients focused on preconception and menstrual health a unique cleansing protocol of the uterus and the colon via pelvic steaming and enemas partnered with a system that includes optimization of the lymphatic drainage system, supplementation programs using real food and nervous system regulation awareness. She also offers a 30 day postpartum pelvic steam ritual that supports a mothers body and emotional being.

Connect with her via a dm on instagram @steamaqueen or visit her linktree https://linktr.ee/steamaqueen

“I’ve always been a fan of high quality fish oil as a bioavailable way to acquire critical nutrients like omega fats full of EPA & DHA, vitamin D3 and vitamin A. I knew these nutrients were important for my preconception and pregnancy journey and as a women who values - high quality - food as medicine. And lets put emphasis on high-quality, having been a brand ambassador for a popular health magazine here in Canada, during the dawn of the ‘influencer” age, I turned down many free products after close inspection of process and ingredients. Quality and ethics matter to this mama!

I swear my daughter is magnet for all things amazing, Rosita’s fell into my hands, just as I was about to add fish oil to my daughters diet at months old. With fertility issues on the rise, I want to give my daughter the best foundation possible: I want to be a grandmother one day, should she choose to have children. When I read about Rosita I was blown away, I had to try it and immediately switched. From day one, I’ve given her both the cod liver and rat fish oils with a drop of marine phytoplankton, neat! For fun, I give her a little liposomal vitamin c after but she truly doesn’t need the “chaser”. It’s amazing how our little ones pallets respond when we provide them with an ancestral based diet full of nutrient foods. She is a testament to this and I’m so proud of the consistency we’ve been able to keep, she’s now three and asks for her fish oils and loves raw oysters.”