Wild Handcrafted Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil

Precious and rare Ratfish Liver Oil

Our Ratfish Liver Oil has a mild, buttery taste and is sourced from one of the oldest fish species known to man, the Ratfish (chimaera monstrosa). So abundant in rare nutrients, the Norwegian Vikings and Scandanavian fishermen regarded Ratfish Liver Oil as the most precious gift from the sea.

The Rosita Way

Rosita is completely unprocessed and pure, which means it retains all of its precious, naturally occurring nutrients and it meets strict European standards for quality and safety.

Key Benefits

Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil

Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil is an excellent source of fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, phytosterols, and rare naturally occurring ether lipids with potent antioxidants known as alkylglycerols. These alkylglycerols help to protect the body from free radical damage, and also have a remarkable stimulatory effect on the immune system.

  • A rare source of anti-inflammatory, immune boosting Alkylglycerols
  • Rich in Omega 3 & Vitamin D to support the brain & nervous system
  • Helps support blood vessel and pineal gland health
  • Cold extraction process with zero heat, chemicals or mechanical pressure
  • A natural filtration process that reduces the fishy tasting proteins while retaining the good fats

Product Features

What makes our fish oil so special?

We prefer to keep our fish oils as pure and unrefined as we can, to ensure that you get the most nutritious premium extra-virgin oils possible. Our fish oils contain a complete range of raw omega fats including omega 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 11 and are particularly rich in the long-chain omega-3s (EPA and DHA), which our body can’t make alone. As they’re naturally extracted by hand without the use of heat, the naturally-occurring active nutrients in our oils are in the exact form as you’d find in the livers of wild, living codfish; for example, vitamin A is in the form of retinol and vitamin D in the form of cholecalciferol (D3). We take our inspection process seriously, hand-selecting only the best liver quality livers before storing within a dark, oxygen-free environment at a temperature just slightly warmer than the ocean. This helps the livers to naturally release the delicate oils without the need for chemicals, heat or pressure. We meticulously remove any contaminants using an ancient method and then independently test each batch for purity before bottling them. Third-party testing has consistently shown that our oils are free from heavy metals and other organic contaminants such as dioxins and PCBs. This practice is extremely costly, but we strongly believe that you have the right to receive the highest quality products possible when you shop with us. We also use humane harvesting methods, killing the fish immediately after we catch them using a special blunt instrument to the head to minimise any distress and pain.


Key Nutritional Facts



Per Bottle



Vitamin D3 per serving


Supplement Facts


Adults: Take 15 drops daily. 
Children and sensitive individuals: Take 5 drops daily.


* Percent Daily Values are based on a caloric intake of 2000 calories.

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Need help understanding which Rosita product is for you?

Our team of in-house experts and scientists are among the best in the science of marine oils and nutrition. They’re here to help you pick the perfect Rosita product for your needs, whether you want to reduce inflammation, stimulate your immune system, or build stronger, healthier bones.