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Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil  (EVCLO) 

"an Ancient Oil in today’s modern world"

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What is Rosita Wild & Raw Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil ™ (EVCLO)?

What is Rosita’s philosophy on producing fish liver oils?

What are the ingredients listed on a bottle of Rosita EVCLO?

How to take your EVCLO


Have you tested your product to ensure it is free from toxins?


Analytical Testing Results for Rosita Wild & Raw EVCLO

1. Nutrient Results

2. Purity

3. Oxidation byproducts

4. Hydrolytic Rancidity Measures

5. Microbiological Testing

6. Nutrition Facts

7. Shelf-Life Study Results


The Ancient Norse Method for Extracting Cod Liver Oil.

Are the livers frozen?

How can you ensure that your EVCLO is not rancid both upon purchase as well as later, when it has been at home? What is the proper way to store EVCLO so that it does not become rancid?

How can consumers know whether their EVCLO has gone rancid or not? Is there a change in scent or color or texture?

Where does your cod liver oil originate?

Is Rosita EVCLO fermented?


We are really keen to try your product but have a few questions with regards to the authenticity of the product. Is there a certain certification, quality and authenticity control test that you have to qualify for to prove your product?

Will your cod liver oil be affected by the radiation from the Japanese nuclear accident that's covering the Pacific Ocean?

If you use vitamin E as a natural antioxidant in your EVCLO, please share the source of your vitamin E.

Do you need to add antioxidants to your oil?

As a sustainably fished and produced handcrafted fish oil how stable is the availability of EVCLO?


Is EVCLO gluten free, dairy free and soy protein free & processed on equipment that is gluten free, dairy free and soy protein free?

Will EVCLO be available in capsule form?

What is the major research that supports the use of EVCLO?

Will you offer EVCLO with flavoring? Will your EVCLO be kid friendly?

Your website claims that you are "reviving an ancient fish liver oil extraction process, unknown to many, that predates the Viking era." Will you please share more about this ancient process and where you learned about it?


Why is the Gadus Morhua species of codfish "the prime and only choice for the production of a truly authentic medicinal grade cod liver oil?"

Are the fat-soluble nutrients responsible for cod liver oils beneficial effects?

What are the differences between Retinol and Palmitate forms of vitamin A?

Does EVCLO contain both vitamin D2 and vitamin D3?

Will it be in TG form or EE form?


Do the Rosita oils undergo any form of refining?

What does Rosita think about virgin oils?

Is Rosita the only producer of EVCLO?

What does Rosita think about purified fish oils?

Does the ancient method employed by Rosita negatively affect the nutritional composition of the resultant cod liver oil?


Why does Rosita EVCLO require refrigeration?

Is the Rosita ancient production technique the oldest Nordic method used for extracting liver oils?

Was the Rosita Ancient Extraction Method used to isolate other liver oils?

What color is the actual liver oil contained in a living wild codfish?

Is Norwegian cod liver oil the best in the world?

What does Rosita do with the remaining cod once the livers are removed?

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