A great deal of research has gone into the clinical implications of Vitamin D deficiency. According to the NIH, low Vitamin D puts the body at risk by lowering the immune system's functionality and enhancing cardiovascular risk. In a Covid-19 era, this compounds the risk of mortality into a shockingly high statistic. 

Vitamin D Can Prevent The Onset Of Life-Threatening Symptoms While Also Serving As An Effective Form of Supplemental Treatment 

While we would never stop advocating for self-isolating and social distancing, we do support Vitamin D intake as a method of prevention & supplemental treatment. The most critical factor with the successful usage of Vitamin D in Coronavirus cases is time. By utilizing Vitamin D early in the progression of Coronavirus, you can dramatically improve the chances of a swift recovery. 

The Relationship Between Latitude, Vitamin D Deficiency & Covid-19 Statistics

Plotting Covid-19 deaths by latitude and overlaying with population data reveals a striking northern hemisphere bias above the 20-degree latitude line. In tropical latitudes and southern hemisphere locations, the Covid-19 outbreaks have been very mild by comparison.

Coincidentally, the same researchers have discovered that populations in the northern hemisphere of the world suffer from greater Vitamin D deficiencies. Connecting the dots between colder climates & higher Covid-19 death rates points to the fact that maintaining adequate levels of Vitamin D may play a role in helping you prevent catching Covid-19.

Covid-19 is known to stimulate nasty respiratory tract illness. Therefore, any pre-existing lung conditions can spell disaster for anyone contracting the novel Coronavirus. According to Harvard Medical School Doctor Kenneth B. Christopher, “Vitamin D deficiency contributes directly to acute respiratory distress syndrome.

One of the countries hit hardest by coronavirus deaths is also a country known to have one of the highest Vitamin D deficiencies in all of Europe, Italy. According to the Italian Ministry of Health nearly 50% of young, healthy individuals in Italy are Vitamin D deficient. This data further supports the research into how Vitamin D can play a large role in Covid-19 prevention. 

On the reverse side of this hypothesis is the country of Japan. One would expect Japan to report staggeringly high numbers of Coronavirus deaths due to its proximity to mainland China. However, the country has gone through only a mild outbreak. Coincidentally, Japanese citizens have some of the highest Vitamin D levels in the world thanks to their high fish-content diet. Of course, other factors in both Japan & Italy account for the number of Coronavirus deaths. However, the fact remains that in both countries, Vitamin D levels directly correspond with the total amount of Covid-19 related deaths. 

Reduce Your Risk Of Catching Covid-19

Vitamin D has long been known to strengthen bones, boost immune function, and serve to overall keep your immune system in tip-top shape. But where can you find a natural source of unprocessed Vitamin D? Raw, all-natural, unprocessed fish oil is a great way to get a sufficiently high intake of Vitamin D to reduce your risk of catching Covid-19. 


As the research suggests, if you live in the colder climates of the northern hemisphere, you are at risk of having a Vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, it would make sense to take something to supplement your lack of Vitamin D giving sunlight. Additionally, as the world undergoes a shelter in place order, isolation takes away the chances for your body to take in enough sunlight to produce Vitamin D.

While studies are still being conducted, researchers and experts do believe that having a Vitamin D deficiency reduces your chances of making a speedy recovery if you’ve contracted Covid-19. Do yourself a favor and make sure you keep your system as strong as possible during this Covid-19 pandemic.


Research Suggests That Vitamin D Protects Against Respiratory Infections In General

Chronic Vitamin D deficiency can cause you to be on the receiving end of some very nasty respiratory infections. While you don't need to be Vitamin D deficient to contract a respiratory illness, it certainly helps reduce the risk by increasing your immunity and preventing inflammatory response. 

Traditionally, Vitamin D was linked to bone health and calcium homeostasis. However, recent clinical studies conducted by the National Institute of Health suggest that Vitamin D plays a significant role in the prevention of a wide range of diseases. Currently, no study can definitively prove that Vitamin D serves as a cure for Covid-19. However, the same research conducted by the NIH does point to the fact that high levels of Vitamin D can reduce the severity of respiratory tract infections. 

As you may know by now, the way Covid-19 has proven itself as an efficient killer is through bringing on severe respiratory tract infections. Therefore, by reducing the severity of an oncoming respiratory tract infection, you can greatly improve your chances of surviving Covid-19.

People Aged 45 and Older Should Be Getting Adequate Amounts Of Vitamin D During The Global Covid-19 Pandemic

While everyone should strive to be Vitamin D sufficient, people older than 45 should especially take extra care to ensure this. Covid-19 has proven to discriminate against older individuals with impunity. Another factor why Italy has suffered such a high mortality rate from Covid-19 is due to its percentage of elderly citizens.

As you age, you spend less time outdoors and your diet becomes less and less diverse. These factors can cause your system to be Vitamin D deficient. Additionally, many people above 45 find themselves involved in less outdoor activities that would normally allow for sunlight to stimulate the natural production of Vitamin D.

In conclusion, humanity has been around for thousands of years and will continue to be around long after Covid-19 has gone away. One way you can ensure you're here to recount the tale of the great Covid-19 pandemic is to make sure your body stays loaded with all the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to keep you healthy. Remember that Covid-19 only causes death in those individuals that have a weakened immune system from old-age or other pre-existing conditions. Therefore, taking Rosita Real Foods all-natural unprocessed cod liver fish oil will ensure your body is strong enough to fight back against Covid-19 mortality.