Slowing down the aging process is actually possible by using a combination of tactics. Those tactics have been studied by scientists looking to help patients turn back the clock and stay younger for longer. While we cannot physically reverse the clock on our biological age, we can definitely reverse the clock on our mental and physical ages. By keeping a healthy lifestyle, we have the power to keep our mind and body feeling young and healthy for many decades to come. To make this possible, one needs to only engage in a combination of daily exercise and both nutritional and healthy lifestyle choices.


Breaking Out of Your Programming 

Every human on the planet was born with a set of DNA that has their genetic traits, dispositions and risk factors already programmed. Many people feel that your genetic makeup is one thing you cannot change no matter how hard you try. However, as you may have discovered, there is a lot you can do to actually break free from the chains of your genetic programming. A study conducted by the NIH “Fish oil has been shown to increase lifespan by over 40% in autoimmune-prone female mice”.


Simply pick up your yearbook from college or high school and compare those photos with the people today. You will discover that some have aged better, while others have not aged so well at all. This can be due to many factors however, the most important can be attributed to damaging the ability of your cells to reproduce efficiently, inflammation and oxidation. The previous three things are all caused by lifestyle factors that can be prevented should you decide to enhance your well-being.

You can help yourself realize how those lifestyle factors can and will impact you by looking at others around you. Find someone that you feel has aged well and simply ask what lifestyle choices they have made when it comes to diet and exercise. This is going to help you shine a light on what they are doing to maintain the integrity of their biological well-being. 

The overwhelming majority of our responses will revolve around a few common subjects. Daily or weekly exercise, lower levels of red meat, higher intakes of dietary supplements, an emotional attachment to family, a passion for life and love for their work. These factors are the most famously stated reasons why people are able to slow down the aging and look and feel healthy well into their later years of life.


Age is Nothing but a Number

This phrase couldn’t be closer to the truth. Many of us ascribe physical characteristics to certain numbers. For example, when you think of the age 50, we automatically assume gray hair. However, these constructs are nothing more than connotations ascribed by our own perceptions. There is no rule that says the age 50 is associated with gray hair.

In fact, many 50-year-olds that make proper lifestyle choices don’t have a gray hair just yet. When it comes to aging, everything is individual and all depends on how well you can break away from your genetic code by engaging in healthy lifestyle choices and nutritional intake.

nothingbutanumber2Let’s assume that a person is 35 but has the heart of a 50-year-old. It is logical to assume that this person has a higher risk of experiencing a heart attack in the near future.

>For some of us, our health age doesn’t correspond to our biological age. Someone can be 60 years old and have the heart of a 35-year-old. This depends on how well you understand your risk factors and the power of diet.

As we have seen in other studies, omega-3 has the ability to improve cardiovascular function and lower your risk for heart attack. If you feel that your heart may be above your biological age, definitely do something about it. By acting fast and engaging in daily bioactive omega-3 raw fish oil supplements from northern Norway, it may help turn back the clock.


And then there is the Brain...

Alzheimer's is a disease that is still a bit mysterious to doctors. Well-known symptoms of Alzheimer's are memory loss and forgetfulness. It can rapidly accelerate types of brain loss that normal shouldn't exist until one is further advanced in years. Many studies have been done on this subject. This is mostly in regards to the connection between Omega 3s and Alzheimer's. One study out of Washington University doesn't necessarily say that low Omega 3s causes Alzheimer's, but it does say that a common trait that people with Alzheimer's share is that there is an absence of Omega 3s in their brain. 

"Ingestion of fish or fish oil has been studied as a potential way to prevent or treat Alzheimer’s.Fish oil consists of several ingredients but the main two include the free fatty acids DHA and EPA. These are examples of polyunsaturated fatty acids, or PUFAs, and are also called omega-3 fatty acids, because of the structure of the fatty acid chain. People who eat a diet low in PUFA are at higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, patients with Alzheimer’s have low levels of these fatty acids in their brains."

Keep an Eye on Your Body Mass Index

This is an important subject that determines a lot in your life. The lower your BMI, the less fat you have and the most efficient your body will be at performing activities. This can help you steer clear of some of the DNA damaging side effects from high cholesterol, high triglycerides, abnormal blood sugar and other diet related illnesses. Additionally, the following study by the NIH states, “Moreover, a demographic analysis of these fish oil-fed NZB/W revealed that fish oil could shift the Gompertz slope, suggesting that fish oil may delay the rate of aging”.

One way you can help lower your body mass index apart from taking your raw fish oil supplements from Rosita Real Foods is to include weight training along with your cardio. By simply incorporating a few weights around your cardio schedule, you can dramatically lower your BMI and improve your overall health.