Rosita Oils are in a Separate Class of Their Own.

We firmly believe that raw oils have a different level of health benefits and there are scientists that feel that health benefits are lost with refining, even to the point of having detrimental effects. 

As the world becomes aware of the natural versus synthetic vitamins in their fish oils they are demanding a real food that has not been tampered with. You desire the nutrients in the form nature intended. Competitors see this trend and rather than produce a fish oil that is raw and unprocessed they simply take the same processes, rewrite their descriptions and cover up the fact the nutrients are in fact synthetic. 


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Molecular Distillation and Short Path Distillation = Processed

Both Molecular distillation and short path Molecular distillation are very common refining techniques used since the 1930s/40s.

Short-path molecular distillation is a very common technique used in industry to remove organic pollutants from fish oils. A lot of fish oils on the market undergo short path molecular distillation. Short-path molecular distillation uses a reduced operating pressure which allows for a decrease in the boiling temperature. Previous work using pollock oils found that an evaporator temperature of 210 °C was preferred for distilling the oil. The problem with this refining technique is that they can still result in heat-induced reactions and loss of minor compounds of importance for the nutritional quality of the oil. Short-path molecular distillation can be optimised so that it reduces organic pollutants to within legislation levels while at the same time preserving PUFA levels and reducing vitamin loss. However, a study showed that short-path molecular distillation resulted in vitamin loss in spratt (Sprattus sprattus) oil up to 82% for vitamin A, 64% vitamin D and 42% vitamin K.

More Vitamins may remain with short-path molecular distillation but it is possible that their presence will vary between batches. In other words, in some batches, there is probably not many vitamins left in their oils and with other batches, there are more vitamins left. Rosita Fish Oils have far greater levels of all fatty acids shown (EPA, DHA, and DPA) and fat-soluble vitamins too. These nutrients are in their raw form. Rosita Fish Oils are the ONLY unheated oils and Genuine Extra Virgin Oils on the market. They are Raw and in the form you find in a Raw, Wild fish liver. Short path molecularly distilled fish oil transforms the fish oil and strips the nutrients.  


RAW Fish Oil can be Compared to RAW Milk

You can pasteurize raw milk to remove so-called potential pathogens and also minimize nutrient loss during pasteurization. But is pasteurized milk the same as raw milk (even though there are no significant differences in nutritional value between pasteurized and unpasteurized/raw milk)? It is still not the same. Raw milk is healthier.

Be mindful when you read the labels and product descriptions for any type of oil you take. Many companies are playing with their product descriptions to make it sound like their oil is raw, but it definitely is not. We hope that the information we have been providing is helping the world understand more clearly that taking true raw fish oil has amazing benefits not considered before.