Rosita EVCLO 90 Softgels 2Today, September 9th at 11:00 hours UTC / GMT we made our new Rosita Extra-Virgin Softgels - Rosita EVCLO 90 Softgels - available on the global market.

We have been working on this for quite some time.
To have our Rosita Extra-Virgin fish liver oil into fully natural 100% fish gelatine softgels have proven to be something.
More than 3 years of research and development have finally paid off,

This specific and rather unique product may be the only of it's kind globally!

To read more about this product with description, ingredients, nutritional facts, testing and more,
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This first production of Rosita EVCLO Softgels is limited, and it may take about 2 months to have a new production ready and available again when this first production is sold out.

It is now available with all resellers globally!

To all of you who waited for this product, Thank you for your patience and great support.


Our Rosita EVCLO 90 Softgels is now available here:

- Corganic USA (Within USA and Canada)

- Rosita Real Foods UK (Within the European Union - Global shipping)

- Functional Self UK (Within the European Union - Global shipping)

- Rosita Net-Shop (Norway - Global shipping)