rosita method 3We hope you’re enjoying our pure and unique Rosita Extra Virgin fish liver oils, now that they are available globally.

We have termed our traditional, quality based method, The Rosita Method™.

Follow our special method on the available image (click for a full scale view), which shows how the sustainably harvested fish take their journey through a pristine ‘Rosita Production House’. As you will see, the fish and process receive special treatment, so the process is managed with an element of love and respect given to these wonderful fish.

As oils are sensitive to sunlight, temperatures and oxygen, we use an indoor-based environment. Our fish livers and oils are not unnecessarily exposed to oxygen because we do not tolerate rancidity, which can cause the oil to have a bad taste or smell (this should not be confused with the normal fishy taste of a genuine Extra Virgin oil). Rancidity comes from exposure to light, oxygen and high temperatures. Fresh livers can start to get rancid in as little as 5-10 minutes after sustainably harvesting the fish. For us here at Rosita, it is all about purity and a constant search for improved ways of applying our methods using the principles of nature.


Could our oil process get any better?

Due to new and more stringent European regulations, we here in Norway and Europe now have to test our oils twice for contaminants before being allowed to market and share them with you – our wonderful customers. We welcome these new regulations with open arms, but as with anything, there may be other consequences that aren’t so good.

From our perspective, tests like these are both time consuming and rather expensive. And as it goes, these extra costs show up in the price of our products. Normally we will have the test results ready and the bottling done within about four weeks. Some of the tests demand extra time, and to help with this situation, we fortunately have The Rosita Method (already implemented approximately two years ago), which takes care of the extra process.

We have worked hard to 100% ensure that our Rosita products will not be jeopardised by any storage time that may be needed to comply with the regulations and laws. We are fortunate that as early as 2014 we have had marine scientists and specialists in Norway tell us that we have incredible products and the shelf life is actually much longer than what is given on our bottles. We are proud that they were actually astonished to see and find out how great our Rosita products were – even back then!


Uncovering the truth.

There are some huge scams with oils, and fish liver oils in general, so extra regulations are great and necessary for both the consumers and producers of natural oil products.

It might be surprising to see some of the more famous larger companies selling and exporting oils to Scandinavia and Europe without having any proper testing performed on their oils. Unfortunately, there are a lot of instances like this where there are no import or export regulations, therefore they may call their products ‘Extra Virgin’ or ‘Pure & Natural’, but there is no way of knowing this is actually the case because of the absence of proper regulations in place.

Eventually this will all be revealed and known globally, whereby many producers will have to re-think their product and process to comply both with the regulations and to actually be truthful to their customers. A lot of companies purely focus on their bottom line – how much money they are making which affects quality, consistency and ultimately their customers health – all to get deeper into your pockets!

Another thing to think about when it comes to regulations is this - a product could be within the range of contaminant and radiation levels but have no care or thought put into the actual content of the bottle. So there could be a myriad of mirrors, doorways and traps with the oils on the market for a long time to come, as many of our customers know is already the case with the majority of current supplements available today.

We know that there are European producers selling their products as Norwegian Atlantic Oils, Krill and Omega 3 products, even if they are bought on the spot market from the Pacifics! Many are even selling marine 3rd grade highly processed products with artificially created vitamins and nutritional content – and all it takes to comply with the regulations is to prove the contamination and radiation levels!

It really bewilders us that this is happening, but we hope that us putting our truth out there will mean that our customers know they are receiving our much loved, truly unique, Extra Virgin, Pure & Natural products that actually do come from the pristine waters of Norway.


Vitamins A and D3.

industrial-production-clo-corganic-2000x1294Did you know that there are natural variations in the levels of vitamin A and D3 in fish liver oils, based on their habitat, seasons and so much more?

When you’re ‘hunting for’ the products with the highest values, are you aware that they may not be truthful, or that the content may even be artificially produced and added? Manufacturers often add synthetic nutrients to their products and even sheep-derived vitamin D to their cod liver oils.

Does it seem possible to you that we can find a living fish species within our balanced environment that always has the same content of vitamins? Even humans will never have the same content of vitamins in their system!

Did you also know that science and research have revealed that artificially produced and processed (unbalanced) products may be harmful? Please know that nature itself will always seek balance in all things.

When reading product labels for the highest vitamin values, do you take into consideration that the manufacturer may be quoting higher levels of these vitamins then can actually be found in the living fish or resources in nature! Do you think this would be a balanced product that will be good for you to consume and digest? “Naturally occurring” vitamins (and nutrients in general) may be present at lower levels but research is showing that smaller quantities of them have greater positive health effects than high levels of synthetic/isolated nutrients added by manufacturers.

Our illustration above - Industrial Production of Cod Liver Oil (click for a full scale view) - should say something about some of this and you may start wondering when this madness will end! You as consumers must be aware and know that your choice counts, what you buy is what will rule this world – always!

The Rosita Method™ is our way to do our best for you – our precious reader and customer – and to show that ethos and ethics still exist in this jungle of marine products.

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