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Mr. Bengt Svensson, Founder & Admin
Dønnaveien 880, Glein
N-8820 Dønna
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Miscellaneous Information:

Please use Email for contact.

Due to many emails every day, allow us up to 3-4 working days to reply to your email. Normally we read all incoming emails every day.

If you have checked the box above to receive a copy of your email, and do not find that in your email in-box, please check your spam email box. If not found, you must have given us a misspelled or wrong email address.


Through pre-arranged contact via Email, you may call by phone or with Skype or WhatsApp on the Internet with video and audio.

Phone number: +47 412 60 382

Skype name: bengt-1957
WhatsApp: +4741260382