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Mr. William Charles Spanier III
Los Angeles/ Rosita Norway
Business Address:
Dønnaveien 880, Glein
8820 Dønna, Norway
USA/ Norway
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Miscellaneous Information:

Please use Email for contact.

Due to many emails every day, allow William Charles Spanier III (Alias: Billy) up to 3-4 working days to reply to your email. Normally he is reading all incoming emails every day.

If you have checked the box above to receive a copy of your email, and do not find that in your email in-box, please check your spam email box. If not found, you must have given us a wrong email address.


Billy has specialized in Social Media and is the Rosita Family's specialist in this field. He has been with us since early 2011. He is assigned as Rosita's Social Media Consultant - working globally - also with our distributors.
You may communicate with Billy via phone, WhatsApp or Skype. This will then have to be pre-arranged via Email or via Rosita on Facebook -